"If you're going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance!"









Everything is handmade so some variation may occur.  Custom orders are always welcome!

Thin Ice
719 Elmwood Avenue (at Breckenridge)
Buffalo, NY 14222

About Thin Ice

Thin Ice Gift Shop is commited to supporting the local arts community by selling locally hand crafted, one of a kind gift items.  At Thin Ice we believe in supporting the country we live in and so everything at Thin Ice is hand crafted in America!  If we can't speak directly to the artist we won't carry the work.

What you will find here

At Thin Ice you will find hand crafted, one of a kind jewery; oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe pottery that is not only one of a kind and beautiful but also fully functional; a wide variety of glass kaleidoscopes; hand turned wooden bowls made from trees from the October storm; handblown and hand fused glass vases, bowls, suncatchers, amongst many other glass items; metal wall pieces to decorate your home; hand knit scarves, hand sewn bags; wood and glass jewelry boxes, and much, much more. This website provides just a sampling of the work available in the store.

Who We Are

Thin Ice opened in March of 2006  to provide a location for local and regional artists to sell their work to the local community.   With the amount of talent in and around Buffalo, there is no reason for outsourcing to foreign countries.

Therese Deutschlander, owner,  with Atti, resident shop cat

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